pull out kitchen faucet water tap

The detachable sprayer enhances the mobility of the faucet.
Many kitchen faucets with sprayers come equipped with features that promote water conservation.
The powerful stream from the sprayer can contribute to enhanced hygiene in the kitchen.

  • F73012
  • Showerain
  • Xiamen, Fujian, China
  • 20-45 days
  • 200000



Body material
ABS plastic
Surface finish
CP:Chrome Plated; 
BN:Brushed Nickel; 
ORB:Oil Rubbed Bronze; 
PB:Polished brass plated;
Customization brown/white box/blister packaging
MOQ300 pcs.

 Users can easily maneuver the sprayer around the sink, reaching all corners and angles with ease.    This increased mobility is particularly beneficial for larger sinks or multi-basin configurations, where a fixed spout may have limitations.

kitchen tap

 The ability to control water flow and switch between stream and spray functions allows users to use water more efficiently, contributing to eco-friendly kitchen practices.

pull out kitchen faucet

The targeted cleaning ability ensures that bacteria and food residues are thoroughly washed away, promoting a cleaner and more sanitary kitchen environment.

kitchen water tap

The inclusion of a sprayer in kitchen faucets has a profound impact on various daily kitchen tasks, transforming the way users approach their culinary activities:

kitchen tap

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