handheld shower head with shut off valve plastic

the integration of shut-off valve plastic adds a new layer of control and water conservation to the shower experience.
A handheld shower head with a shut-off valve plastic is a versatile and efficient bathroom fixture that combines the flexibility of a handheld design with the added benefit of water flow control.

  • B58135
  • Showerain
  • Xiamen, Fujian, China
  • 20-45 days
  • 200000



Body material
ABS plastic
Surface finish
CP:Chrome Plated; 
BN:Brushed Nickel; 
ORB:Oil Rubbed Bronze; 
PB:Polished brass plated;
Customization brown/white box/blister packaging
MOQ300 pcs.

The shut-off valve, typically made of durable plastic, allows users to halt the water flow directly from the showerhead, offering both convenience and the ability to conserve water during various parts of the showering experience.

handheld shower head with shut off valve

 The ability to pause or completely shut off the water flow while lathering, shampooing, or shaving allows users to significantly reduce water consumption.  This feature aligns with the growing awareness of environmental sustainability, making these shower heads an eco-friendly choice.

hand shower plastic

  Whether you prefer a strong, invigorating stream or a gentle rainfall-like cascade, the shut-off valve allows you to pause the water flow at any point, adjusting the intensity based on your preferences.  

shower head with hose

The shut-off valve in handheld shower heads provides users with the ability to customize their shower experience.This level of control enhances the overall shower experience, making it more tailored to individual needs.

handheld shower head with shut off valve

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